2014 Annual Conference General Session Talks

"and that life was the light of all mankind" John 1:4

Our 2014 Annual Conference was filled with insights, first-hand witnesses of the life of Christ and examples of this year's theme: 'Live the Life'. There is a new wave of the Spirit and evangelization sweeping across our land! We discovered how to impact our culture, communities, companies, churches and families with the vibrant life of Christ.

2014 Christians in Commerce (CIC) Annual Conference - Welcome & Introduction: Terry Cassell

"In him was life"...  Christianity is not just about another religious idea; it is the Gospel being brought to life in each of our lives.

Christians in Commerce (CIC) President, Terry Cassell welcomes everyone to our 2014 Christians in Commerce (CIC) Annual Conference. “There are certain things which are lost by being kept and saved by being used. Any talent that a man possesses is like that. If he uses it, it will develop into something still greater. If he refuses to use it he will in the end lose it. Supremely so, life is like that.”

2014 Christians in Commerce (CIC) Annual Conference - "Seeing with the Eyes of Christ": Dan Kuplic

The talk "Seeing as the Lord Sees” shares some reflections Dan Kuplic had in the context of what the Lord is calling us to in CIC.

CIC Board Member, Dan Kuplic uses pictures to offer some insight into how we can view people.

2014 Christians in Commerce (CIC) Annual Conference - "Fostering a Kingdom Culture": Rich Preuss

The talk "Fostering a Kingdom Culture" shares insight on how the Healy Group brings Christ to the workplace through its Healy Spirit.

CIC Board Member, Rich Preuss describes the Healy Spirit four elements; Doing the Right Thing, Love Wins, Be Better and Make It a Great Day.

2014 Christians in Commerce (CIC) Annual Conference - "Sharing His Life With Others": Panel Discussion

The panel discussion was moderated by Lucy Vasquez (WCIC-Fresno), with participation from Ryan Derfler (CIC-San Jose), Sophia Norma (WCIC-Fresno) and Jonathan Jeffrey (CIC-Sacramento).

CIC Board Member, Steve Becker shares the ABCs of radiating Christ; Make it Authentic, Make it Beautiful, Make it Courageous, and then introduces the panel discussion.

2014 Christians in Commerce (CIC) Annual Conference - "Be the Light": Terry Cassell

CIC President, Terry Cassell closes the 2014 Annual Conference with encouraging the attendees to 'Be the Light' at all times; at work, with family and in the marketplace.

Terry shares this thought with us. ”Before we initiate and invite someone to our life in CIC, we must believe with the heart-felt assurance that not only is our life better now than it was before we knew God, but the lives of others will be better too, even in difficult times. Without this assurance it’s tough to motivate yourself to take any meaningful action”.