2014 Uganda Youth Gospel Conference

After about five months of planning for the Uganda 2014 Christians in Commerce Youth Gospel Conference, over 840 teenagers flocked and attended Thursday, December 11th - 14th, 2014. 

"My heart glorifies the Lord my soul rejoices in a God my saviour. I am thrilled and excited. The Lord is great and wonderful. He has granted us a shouting victory in our youth gospel conference which we concluded yesterday evening.  I am so glad and full of praises for the Lord. It was very tiring to host all these teenagers for three days. Physically we are very exhausted but we are happy and fulfilled" states Aloysius Mugisa, Christians in Commerce Uganda Chapter President.

The CIC 2014 Uganda Youth Conference was a big success and a blessing. We do this every year, but this year was better than the previous years.

Using our local CIC contact persons in different locations we publicized the Youth Conference. We also ran radio announcements for one month and used our weekly radio talk shows to publicize this Youth Conference.

We hired a big hall and nine hundred chairs. We mobilized a very big team of people to come and cook for participants. Our praise and worship team came to the venue on Wednesday morning for prayer and preparation. On Thursday morning, we set our public address system. By 10 am, the youth began to arrive, and by 5 pm, there were seven hundred of them.

Our team worked so hard to make sure everything went as planned. Praise and worship began at 4 pm. The theme of the conference was: The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. Proverbs 1: 7 The conference was characterized by: talks, sessions of praise and worship, sharing groups, group presentations, plenary sessions, praying for the outpouring of the holy spirit, testimonies etc.

At the time of testimonies one boy said he had learned the difference between Godly and worldly wisdom and had realized he was relying most on worldly wisdom. He said he was going to start seeking God's wisdom. Another, boy said he had realized at the conference that a group of his friends were destroying him. He said he was going to be very careful in his choice of friends.

A girl of 20 at this conference said she had never heard moving talks in her life before. "I am going to ask God to help me to reverse the influence of my upbringing on my behavior. I want the Lord to parent me anew," she said. A nineteen young man said: '  'I am going out of this conference with knowledge and assurance that I have the power over my sexuality; and I am not enslaved to my sexual desire'

Another young girl said ' I am going to be obedient to my parents for they are God's representative in my life and when I obey them they will get the courage get to fend for me.'

The conference ran for three days. Glory, Glory, and Glory to God.