2015 Annual Conference General Session Talks

"Whoever follows me.... will have the light of life" John 8:12

Our 2015 Annual Conference was filled with insights, first-hand witnesses of the life of Christ and examples of its theme: 'Living Extraordinary Lives in Ordinary Ways'. Christianity is not just about another religious idea; it is the Gospel being brought to life in each of our lives. No matter what position we hold, we are equipped to influence our workplaces and share our experiences in way that are admirable and attractive. We learned more about living the life of faith, integrity and excellence, a life that will draw others to it.

2015 Christians in Commerce (CIC) Annual Conference - 'A Call to Make a Difference at Work': Jim Ganther

Jim gives us an overview of prevailing thought patterns in American society, where most of our workplaces exist. These trends shape the people we interact with every day, and by better understanding the environment we can better understand our coworkers and clients. Jim also conveyed to us, knowing the truth is not enough – it is love that changes our workplaces and the world. Armed with knowledge, we are better equipped to love and to make a difference at work.

2015 Christians in Commerce (CIC) Annual Conference - "Influencing Our Work and the Workplace": Tom Kueneman

Tom presents to us “We are made in his image for a specific purpose…….we were “made for more”, and that God’s real purpose for each of us in our workplace is to allow faith, integrity and excellence to be part of the work we do ………..regardless of what we do.

2015 Christians in Commerce (CIC) Annual Conference - "Touching the Lives of Co-Workers": Joe Blanco

Joe reminds us making connections with fellow workers involves communication, and it’s not always verbal! Joe has intentionally allowed his employees to see his transparency. They have seen him serve his co-workers, pray openly with friends, customers & staff.

2015 Christians in Commerce (CIC) Annual Conference - "Living Extraordinary Lives in Ordinary Ways": Terry Cassell

Christians in Commerce President, Terry Cassell, closes the 2015 Annual Conference with his talk on "Living Extraordinary Lives in Ordinary Ways", encouraging attendees to exemplify this theme at all times: at work, with family and in the workplace.