2015 Annual Conference Workshop Presentations

"Whoever follows me.... will have the light of life" John 8:12

Our 2015 Annual Conference was filled with insights, first-hand witnesses of the life of Christ and examples of this year's theme: 'Living Extraordinary Lives in Ordinary Ways'. Christianity is not just about another religious idea; it is the Gospel being brought to life in each of our lives. No matter what position we hold, we are equipped to influence our workplaces and share our experiences in way that are admirable and attractive. We learned more about living the life of faith, integrity and excellence, a life that will draw others to it.

  • Mentoring, Coaching and Discipleship
  • Praying With Others: The Real Power Tool
  • Fostering Good Working Relationships
  • Connecting and Blending Our Work for All Generations

2015 Christians in Commerce (CIC) Annual Conference Workshop - 'Mentoring, Coaching and Discipleship': Pat Drechsler, Darren Handy, and Jim Hannan

The Christians in Commerce (CIC) Mentoring Program was designed to effectively be used across genders and generations. This workshop explores the differences in mentoring women and men, the cultural variations between generations, and the characteristics of Modern and Post-Modern (Millennial) mentoring relationships. It analyzes the construct of the CIC Mentoring Program and how to adapt it to all genders and generations, including a discussion of the key behaviors, tools and qualifications of a CIC mentor. You too can mentor!

2015 Christians in Commerce (CIC) Annual Conference Workshop - 'Praying With Others: The Real Power Tool': Steve Becker, Jim Cahill, and Jen Torma

Our workplaces and neighborhoods are our mission fields for drawing people into God’s presence and a personal experience of his love. What better way to do this than by praying with them so they may experience our faith in times of trouble or challenges? This workshop focused on reaching out to others, churched and unchurched, through the power of prayer and Holy Spirit. It presented tools for connecting with others, allowing them to experience God’s love in prayer, and releasing the power of the Holy Spirit in our lives and theirs. The workshop included examples, firsthand stories and the attendees’ shared experiences.

2015 Christians in Commerce (CIC) Annual Conference Workshop - 'Fostering Good Working Relationships': Gail Cardwell and Kirby Falkenberg

Learn about 12 actions and words that you can introduce into the workplace, including examples of how you might present each one for a week. The result? A 12 week inspired corporate culture of caring. You will hear about how to foster good working relationships and make a friend for Christ.

2015 Christians in Commerce (CIC) Annual Conference Workshop - 'Connecting and Blending Our Work for All Generations' Becca Ash, Jon Cassady and Joe Cramer

This workshop is intended to equip attendees with new ideas about sharing the Lord by connecting and blending our work with people of all generations in our workplaces, providing knowledge and insight that will help you grow in virtue and equip you for inter-generational discipleship. Today’s workplace employs multiple generations with various work and ethical behaviors. Too often we allow what differentiates us to divide us and keep us from effectively engaging and evangelizing the next generation. In this interactive breakout session we will have three generations represented: Baby Boomer (Jon Cassady), Generation X (Becca Ash), and Millennial (Joe Cramer). Learn more about the ongoing challenges and opportunities in breaking through generational barriers and connecting with today’s twenty and thirty-somethings. Whether you are a parent, manager, Millennial or ministry leader, you will gain practical insights and tips for reaching a generation seeking collaboration and meaningful relationships with you.