2016 Annual Conference General Session Talks

"Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest." Matthew 11:28

Our 2016 Annual Conference was filled with insights, first-hand witnesses of the life of Christ and examples of its theme: 'Come to Me, All You Who Labor'. Christianity is not just about another religious idea; it is the Gospel being brought to life in each of our lives. No matter what position we hold, we are equipped to influence our workplaces and share our experiences in way that are admirable and attractive. We learned more about living the life of faith, integrity and excellence, a life that will draw others to it.

2016 Christians in Commerce (CIC) Annual Conference - 'Working for Our Father': Steve Becker

From the very beginning work was a part of God’s plan for us; it is essential to our human nature and encompasses all we do. Work enables us to join together with God and each other to serve the good of others and foster the well-being of all. Yet, 90 percent of people are disengaged from their jobs. Work can be hard. This toil is the consequence of sin. Individuals will share firsthand accounts and insights into restoring their workplaces.

2016 Christians in Commerce (CIC) Annual Conference - "Falling in Love with Jesus": Rich Preuss

We can’t love someone well unless we know them. As we come to know Jesus by entering into the gospel stories, we are moved to love him with more affection, which in turn moves us to desire to be more like him, as any true disciple would desire. As these desires lead to action, we then want to know our Lord even better. Once in this loop, the possibilities are limitless. Jesus’ exhortation that we will do the things that he has done, and even greater things, can be a reality for any of us willing to overcome our fears and doubts to go there.

2016 Christians in Commerce (CIC) Annual Conference - "Establish the Work of Our Hands": Jennifer Frankenberg

We know God is our employer, so how do we do his will in our own work situations? To be successful there are three critical areas to focus on: a daily appointment with God, seeking God’s will, and joining together with others. These three areas will be explored, with an emphasis on personal application and drawing others into the work of our Father.

2016 Christians in Commerce (CIC) Annual Conference - "Come to Me, All You Who Labor": Terry Cassell

Christians in Commerce President, Terry Cassell, closes the 2016 Annual Conference with his talk on "Come to Me, All You Who Labor". When we realize that God is very involved in the marketplace, having a will and a purpose, and then receive an invitation to join him, we are the only ones who can limit our usefulness to him. He asks us to “come” and join him and be the people he has called us to be. If we want, we can ignore Jesus and carry on doing things our own way. This is the natural way for all of us; we’d always prefer to do things our own way. But it leaves us with this dilemma: we are not capable of carrying the load on our own.