2017 Annual Conference General Sessions

Our 2017 Annual Conference is an opportunity to engage in Spirit-filled worship and fellowship, and hear practical and inspired talks. “Coworkers in Christ – Being a Servant Leader,” is the theme ofthis year’s Annual Conference in Palm Springs, CA, October 20-21. God has given all brothers and sisters the ability, gifts, and talents to lead. As Coworkers in Christ, we are all part of the God’s leadership team. Our goal is for all attendees to grow in their understanding of the mission of CIC as we evolve, and take personal ownership of God in the workplace.

Christianity is the Gospel brought to lifein each of us. No matter what positions we hold, we are equipped to influence our workplaces and share our experiences in ways that are admirable and attractive. As Christians in Commerce increases our outward and generational focus, we need all members to engage in this movement. This year, the Annual Conference General Sessions will highlight our past, our current work, and the exciting future our Father is calling us to embrace. We’re introducing table-led discussions after each General Session toallow everyone to discuss the same message at thesame time.

  • Featured speaker and Olympic Gold medalist in US Women’s Soccer, Julie Foudy,will kick off the conference. She will discuss ‘Leadership Is Personal, Not Positional’ and will be interviewed by our newest CIC Board Member, Luke Cahill. Julie is the daughter of Jim and Judy Foudy, active members in our CIC Palm Springs Men’s and Women’s Chapters.
  • Next, we will spend time with our Founding Fathers, Louis Grams, John Mooney, and Bud Rose. This ‘Founding Fathers’ Panel Discussion’ will review the original vision for CIC and will be led by current CIC Chairman of the Board, Rich Preuss.
  • Rich Preuss, CIC Chairman of the Board, will present ‘CIC: Today and Its Future’ how the Lord has called Christians in Commerce to touch lives over the past 35 years and into the 21stcentury. This only happens when each person takes personal ownership of their calling to be a leader for Christ’s mission.
  • Steve Becker, CIC Board Member, will discuss ‘What’s My Part?’ He’ll challenge all attendees to ask, “What’s my role as a servant leader in our Father’s mission? What am I ‘formed’ to do? What gifts and abilities is the Spirit fostering in me? Where can I be of best useand be the most helpful?” Steve will illustrate from hisown experiences five keysto discovering the answers.
  • Terry Cassell, CIC President, will conclude the conference with ‘Being a Coworker in Christ.’ He will encourage us to bring the message back to our CIC chapters and workplaces, and to grow in ourservant leadership.