2017 Uganda Bible Conference

The Uganda bible conference was a very big success. Nine hundred and seven (907) people attended this three day event.

Following are some of the talks.

  • The word of God
  • The foundation of Christian living
  • The word of God  versus the the words to the world
  • Defeating Satan with the word of God
  • The healing power of the word of God
  • The word of God the basic tool of evangelization

It was amazing how people embraced this program. People are really thirsty for the Lord in Uganda. The Lord was evindetly moving at this conference.  So many strengthening testimonies of healing were given at this conference. They are sure this conference is going to bear a lot more fruit because it has developed love and devotion to scriptures in the people who attended. Even those who are illiterate decided to buy bibles and keep them in their houses.

Let us keep our brothers and sisters in Uganda in our prayers.