2020 Matching Gift Opportunity - Extended till 2/29/20

Exciting Opportunity for Christians in Commerce!

This upcoming year is vital to CIC/WorkLight moving forward. In order to spark a movement of the Holy Spirit we are asking for your support. We are delighted to share with you an opportunity to further our quest for others to take notice of WorkLight.  As of today, we have a matching gift from generous donors of $160,000! For a limited time, your contribution can be doubled.Extended till February 29, 2020!

We wanted to thank everyone who’s been able to contribute towards our Matching Gift Campaign this past month. As of January 31st we have raised a total of $52,700 towards our goal of $160,000! That amount was donated by a total of 87 members. Thank you for your generosity!

You have until February 29th to help us move towards our goal. If you’re not in a position to make a large donation, we wanted to encourage everyone that even small donations have gotten us where we are as of today. It’s been a real team effort on your part. 

As a reminder, your gift or pledge can be doubled in one of two ways:

1.    If you are a first-time giver (or haven’t contributed in the past two years)

2.     If you are an annual giver, the amount that was increased from 2019 will apply towards our $160,000 goal.

These funds will further our cause to reach the next generation. A key ingredient to our success is in all our new WorkLight materials with personal stories woven into our workday reflections, newsletters, videos, and online resources. If you are able to help, you can either make a donation here, mail us a donation (Christians in Commerce, 7515 Lee Highway, Falls Church VA 22042) or go to our WorkLight website at: www.worklight.org  .