Accepting the Father’s Gift of Work: Session 1


The “Working for Our Father” series assists Christians in integrating their work life into their Christian faith. The goal is to unite Christians to accompany each other in living out their faith with confidence, clarity, and commitment. It is adaptable and has been used in primarily in one-day or four-day formats in workplaces, churches, and homes.

Four Key Elements

  • Brief personal story illustrating the theme of the presentation.
  • Engaging videos to underscore a Christian perspective on work.
  • Short personal reflection to apply personally.
  • Small group discussion to apply content in practical ways.

Additional Previews

We provide additional support materials to conduct a series. Here are some samples.

After the Series

We support bringing Christians together to impact and influence their coworkers and workplaces. To do that, we’d like to make attendees aware of the resources that are available to them. We ask that you register your series and provide their emails. This will allow us to send them information on resources, which include newsletters, podcasts, blogs, workday reflections, along with updates as new materials are developed. All are free and available.

Our hope is that this series will help you create small groups and fan into flame a movement of the Holy Spirit.

Accessing the Materials

To request access to all four sessions and supporting materials, please click here.