A Bequest in Your Will

We suggest that you consult with an attorney, who can help you design an estate plan that protects your family, preserves your property, and benefits Christians in Commerce (CIC). You can bequeath a percentage of your estate to CIC; a dollar amount, specific property such as antiques, or the remainder of your estate.

  • Easy: Simply obtain a Change of Beneficiary form from your retirement company and name Christians in Commerce as a primary or contingent beneficiary. This took me three minutes to complete.
  • Flexible: You can name CIC as either a primary or contingent beneficiary, and for any percentage or dollar amount.
  • Tax efficient: Estates/Trusts are not subject to federal taxes when funds are donated to charities (CIC).
  • Revocable: Your beneficiary designation can be changed at any time.

After signing a new will that names Christians in Commerce as a beneficiary, be sure to inform the CIC Home Office, so we can properly thank you and have this information on file at our CIC Home Office.

Please contact the CIC Home Office with any questions.