Butiiti Marriage and Family Seminar - December 6-8, 2013

A couples’ renewal weekend to place in Butiiti on December 6-8, 2013. The team took one month preparing for this mission after being requested by the pastor of this local parish to do a Marriage and Family Renewal program in his parish. He told us that many couples who listen to our radio program had persistently requested him to invite the Christians in Commerce Uganda Chapter to his parish, but he had been reluctant because he did not have the money to run the program.
The CIC chapter offered to fund part of the program and asked the couples to contribute raw food and they hired a group of women to do the cooking. The pastor announced in his church that Christians In Commerce was coming to do a renewal program and invited the couples.
On Friday December 6, 2013, one hundred and eight couples (216 people) came to the parish. It was a huge blessing. Most of the people said they came because the ministry of Christians in Commerce and the power of the Holy Spirit had renewed their marriages and families through the weekly evangelical radio program.
At the end of the program here are few of the comments:

  • One man said ‘if my wife and I had heard this stuff early enough, we would have been a very happy couple’ He said that however he was going to stop doing the things that displease his wife. This man added that his mistake number one was that he was more concerned with pleasing society than his wife. He said further that he had been avoiding doing what please his wife for fear that society and his family would think he is weak.
  • One woman said that she had learned to focus on her husband’s strengths and not weaknesses, and another woman said that she was happy to learn that it takes a sacrifice to please her spouse, and that she was going to make sacrifices to please her spouse.
  • One man said that the problem in his marriage was that he waited for his wife to love him and do him good for him so that he could love her back.  ‘Now I choose to take the initiative to show my wife love and care unconditionally because I vowed to love whether or not she loves me back’ he said.

The Lord and the Holy Spirit was evidently present in this mission, and many encouraging testimonies were given by the participants.