ChristAlive! Archives: Impacting Workplace Culture

As Christians, one of the challenges we face in the workplace is discerning when it is appropriate to talk about Christ...
When I retired, I tried to focus on adding to my nest egg, but after two and a half years things fell apart. The company I had thought to be ordained by God was failing, and I had six months until layoff. Then I had to have an open lung biopsy. Suddenly, my focus changed to what was happening to me.
What part of my comfort zone am I willing to die to so that Jesus can live in me? When will I give God permission to live out his purpose in my life? Whom or what am I hiding from? Is it God?
Do we open ourselves to the Father, Son and Holy Spirit who live in us so they may be reflected in our thoughts, words and conduct to the people and circumstances of our lives?
I work in a Christian bookstore one day a week. I have met some very colorful, if not a little different, people while working there. They are my friends and sometimes they come in just to visit. Some of them are on medication for different types of mental disorders.
Coming from the pros, this coach had experienced great success because he was working with young men who already had a solid foundation and were ready for the expertise he had to impart. However, at the college level, there was no foundation to build upon...
How often in life do we encounter people who need our love, our compassion, and our mercy and yet we skip over these important parts of our faith walk? Instead, we jump right into giving great advice and wisdom, thinking it more important.
When we walk into a dark room we don’t have a switch that turns off the darkness, we have a light switch that overcomes the darkness. Instead of wishing we could turn off the darkness, we should focus on turning on the light.
Old habits die hard. Growing up, the manner of speaking among my peers was anything but wholesome. We made an ongoing game of ridiculing each other for all manner of defects, real and imagined. We might have said it was all in good fun and without malice, but I’ve since learned that no matter the design, words have power beyond our intentions.
Making a commitment to daily prayer during my first Challenge Weekend while still unwilling to make small personal sacrifices, I began praying in my car while driving to work. I thought, "Why take prime time? I have to drive to work anyway.” Then I began setting aside what I consider the best and first part of the day for daily prayer.