ChristAlive! Archives: Impacting Workplace Culture

In leading a new office, I wanted to do things right, “in the Lord”, developing a new and holier way of relating. Human relationships are complex and baffling and can deteriorate into discord and disunity.
I walked into my first nursing home in 1970 to start my first job. It was my introduction to real suffering in the world. The residents in our nation’s nursing homes hold in common the burden of multiple losses: loved ones, mobility, and independence, to mention a few.
We cannot escape the world. It is always around us, in good ways and bad. The internet has many uses, good and bad. Our eyes give us sight but sometimes lead us to sin. Our voices can give praise and encouragement but also disparage and gossip.
The women’s ministry at our church periodically recruits women to participate in spiritually enriching programs. As Coordinator, I congratulated the ministry team on the registration they had successfully obtained. However, the Marketing Coordinator expressed her disappointment at the number of participants...
Many times when we see a person acting purposefully, we say, "she's really grounded" or "he's got both feet on the ground." Many people look around and get the impression that their everyday activities, their business goals and maintaining their households are all there is to life -- and that if they follow all of society's laws and all the Bible's rules, they're doing all that's asked of them.
The workplace, as the whole world, is a battleground of good and evil forces, principalities and powers. Our office experienced a serious breakdown of relationships caused by mistrust, improper assumptions and misunderstandings, fueled by gossip...
Some say Romans is one of the more difficult books of the Bible to understand. However, when one reads that Christ calls us to be a living sacrifice, what could be clearer? Jesus wants ALL of us - our time, resources, talents and even our very bodies.
Do we have to be pure as the driven snow when we work for Jesus? That would be the goal, but at times it is a bit unrealistic. We are sinners yesterday, today and tomorrow. Sinners relate to sinners.
One thing that has been ringing true in my life in Christ, especially over the last few months, is to be faithful as Christ compels us, and let the Holy Spirit take care of the results...
Do I allow myself to lose focus on God himself, instead becoming overly concerned with following “the letter of the law”? Do I cause others to fall into this way of thinking?