ChristAlive! Archives: Impacting Workplace Culture

Our society has a hard time with the notion of forgiveness. It is sometimes treated as a commodity that can be tossed off without pain, effort or meaning. It disappears within the "Love means never having to say you're sorry" syndrome, in which nothing needs to be forgiven.
How easy it is to tell the stories of God’s power and healing in our lives when prayers have been answered! How difficult it is to tell of our failures to live the Christian life.
Makes sense, doesn’t it? We have a game plan for our business in order to succeed. Shouldn’t we have a game plan for our spiritual life? I really enjoy the peace of God, and I don’t want to lose it!
As we sat listening to her, my heart softened and I was no longer bent on rushing the meal to get home. I sensed God's anointing and then the nudge from him to pray with her. I asked, "Are you a woman of faith?"
Are you thankful to God even when you are not prospering?
For 40 years, I charged into each day like a warrior. Unfortunately, I was going into battle without armor or instructions. In other words, I wasn’t spending time with God first. Looking back, I don’t know how I survived the crush of the world.
“In the twilight time before sleep and just before arising, we are the most vulnerable to the intensions of Satan. We need to ask Jesus and the Holy Spirit for protection while we sleep, and to protect our loved ones from the influences of demons of the night.”
My hands tightly gripped the metal sides of the car as we slowly climbed the long, steep hill of the rollercoaster. I had taken my two children, Jim and Molly, to our local amusement park to thank them for working for me all summer. We had waited 45 minutes in line to get on this ride. Now I was terrified and just wanted off.
Do you go into the marketplace by choice? Cheerfully? Committed? If you have an unpleasant task ahead, how does it affect your attitude?
Recently I was asked to give witness to a group attending our church retreat using this passage as inspiration. Four years earlier, I had given a talk on gratitude after having been diagnosed with advanced prostate cancer. It had occurred to me that we are also to be grateful for all challenges, including those at work.