ChristAlive! Archives: Forgiveness

What would you do if you had the chance to avoid owning up for a mistake at work, knowing no one would be the wiser?
Years ago, one of my partners and I got sideways in our relationship. It was unpleasant and embarrassing because we were both committed Christians. Once we got sideways, we started assuming the worst of each other in our email correspondence.
The next time you are part of a conversation that portrays someone in a negative light, ask yourself, “Is this a fruitful, godly conversation?”
Is there someone who needs to experience God’s mercy through you?
My company believes in building community for the homeowner associations we serve. This can be challenging when we get calls from homeowners with problems. At times, it’s difficult not to take these issues personally.
It was tempting to explode with righteous indignation. Instead I promptly ended the meeting, thanked them for their consideration and walked out...
Who are the difficult people you encounter at work? At home? Online? How does God want to use you?
Am I checking in on my family, friends and coworkers? Do I make time to listen to them?
Having been a realtor for over fifteen years, I enjoy having clients who have worked with me on more than one occasion. We have a common bond, a growing friendship and are comfortable with one another.
Every one of us can make a difference in our workplace no matter our role, position, or skills. By being Christ, we should exhibit the characteristics of the very best workers in the world...