ChristAlive! Archives: Forgiveness

God is looking for men and women who are willing to join him in becoming an overwhelming force for the transformation of this world and for building a new creation. What if we said, “Yes”?
As a segment producer, my time was constantly, frenetically busy. I would sometimes book a guest and get them into the studio on our set for an interview in the space of a few hours. I thought my job was demanding – and I sometimes resented how relaxed the crew could be...
One day I was driving past a sports bar at noontime and felt that the Holy Spirit wanted me to go inside. I was not available in my heart as I pushed the thought aside and drove on. The voice without a voice pressed in on me – so I made one of my many “Holy Spirit u-turns” and went into the bar...
Every so often we may find a person in our workplace, church, or family who might complain frequently, argue at the drop of a hat, or slander others. We may even need to stand ready to alert this individual, if they begin sharing inappropriately about another, that we really don’t want to hear anything that harms another’s reputation.
Have you ever been in work situations where you felt like the mountains in front of you looked so high that you would never overcome them? Have you ever had trouble getting started with a project that you just kept putting off? Have you ever missed deadlines in your work that had serious consequences?
What prevents us from sharing Jesus with others? For me the biggest impediment is fear. One thing I have noticed about fear is that the more you do something, the less fearful of it you are. The difficult part is taking that first step.
God asked Solomon what he would choose if he could have anything in the world. Solomon asked for knowledge, wisdom and understanding. Because Solomon did not ask for wealth or material things, God granted him all three. Solomon went on to become a wealthy man.
About three years ago at a CIC conference I asked for prayer from one of the brothers. I was struggling with depression, a family relationship, discouragement from underemployment, and pain in my body. I had struggled for a number of years with these same issues.
Whenever I do something good and am rewarded with appreciation, I get the courage to do even better. But many of my good deeds have gone unnoticed, or worse still, earned me negative criticism.
My daily appointment with God is something I learned from CIC and my brothers. A recent experience reminded me of the importance of keeping this time.