ChristAlive! Archives: Healing

About three years ago at a CIC conference I asked for prayer from one of the brothers. I was struggling with depression, a family relationship, discouragement from underemployment, and pain in my body. I had struggled for a number of years with these same issues.
Whenever I do something good and am rewarded with appreciation, I get the courage to do even better. But many of my good deeds have gone unnoticed, or worse still, earned me negative criticism.
My business is based on commission. If I do not find new clients to help I do not get paid. So naturally, I spend considerable time asking God to bless my business...
My daily appointment with God is something I learned from CIC and my brothers. A recent experience reminded me of the importance of keeping this time.
I love to watch history in the making. I like to be able to say that I was there when it happened; whether I saw it on TV or in person doesn't matter.
When I retired, I tried to focus on adding to my nest egg, but after two and a half years things fell apart. The company I had thought to be ordained by God was failing, and I had six months until layoff. Then I had to have an open lung biopsy. Suddenly, my focus changed to what was happening to me.
One of my family members decided to cut off all contact with the rest of us after getting married. We had no idea why. This person made no attempt to communicate with us for years. I was hurt, angry and confused.
As he sped away, it amazed me how God had placed it on my heart to pray for his guidance at just the right time. It amazed me that he had nudged me to go outside and look at my daughter’s car at the right moment. It amazed me that I was outside at the perfect time to greet Jake and pray with him.
When is giving praise to God a real sacrifice? How much choice is involved in the word “offer”? I recently learned, or re-learned, the answers to these questions...
I work in a Christian bookstore one day a week. I have met some very colorful, if not a little different, people while working there. They are my friends and sometimes they come in just to visit. Some of them are on medication for different types of mental disorders.