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Do I need to rely more on God and less than myself? How can I increase my trust?
Coming from the pros, this coach had experienced great success because he was working with young men who already had a solid foundation and were ready for the expertise he had to impart. However, at the college level, there was no foundation to build upon...
I believe that everyone on earth has access to the Holy Spirit. Witnessing the work of the Holy Spirit is a free gift to each of us, but receiving it requires a mature choice. The last part of the verse above is the key to being able to see and do what God does: obedience.
How often in life do we encounter people who need our love, our compassion, and our mercy and yet we skip over these important parts of our faith walk? Instead, we jump right into giving great advice and wisdom, thinking it more important.
When we walk into a dark room we don’t have a switch that turns off the darkness, we have a light switch that overcomes the darkness. Instead of wishing we could turn off the darkness, we should focus on turning on the light.
Over the 12 years of my being a member of Christians in Commerce, I have witnessed many trials and tribulations of others and of my own. Early on, I wondered why the faithful go through just as difficult times as those who do not believe or who are living lives that I view as less than favorable.
Our true identity is “beloved children of God”. So many of us are trying to be good so that our Father in heaven will love us. This is “behaved religion”, not covenant love. Being good is so different from receiving the love of God our Father and the desire to please him.
In leading a new office, I wanted to do things right, “in the Lord”, developing a new and holier way of relating. Human relationships are complex and baffling and can deteriorate into discord and disunity.
I walked into my first nursing home in 1970 to start my first job. It was my introduction to real suffering in the world. The residents in our nation’s nursing homes hold in common the burden of multiple losses: loved ones, mobility, and independence, to mention a few.
The women’s ministry at our church periodically recruits women to participate in spiritually enriching programs. As Coordinator, I congratulated the ministry team on the registration they had successfully obtained. However, the Marketing Coordinator expressed her disappointment at the number of participants...