ChristAlive! Archives: Healing

All of us go through challenges in our lives. There is much to be gained if we take advantage of them.
Looking at Jesus’ encounters in the Gospels, it’s clear that what is always most important is the human heart in front of him. He knew Zacchaeus’ heart and wanted to capture it. It was up to Zacchaeus to give it to him.
While I will never experience the span of years of that giant sequoia, I too have experienced the presence and power of the Holy Spirit in good times and in bad. When I examine my “tree rings”, his presence is evident.
As I journey with Jesus, it's easy to rationalize that I am the “new and improved Jack” now and that the person I once was has vanished forever. I have to be careful not to hide behind that mask of denial and know that the dark side can be called up in me faster than it takes me to open an e-mail.
“Affliction”, by Webster's definition, is "any cause of suffering." Wow! The word “suffering” opens us up to a very broad list of difficulties. Our first thought may be about physical pain or discomfort, but there are also emotional, psychological, and spiritual afflictions that surround us.
Before I was aware of CIC, I’d been looking for a group where I could be accountable spiritually and have a place to grow in the Lord. When first attending WCIC, I was touched by the women’s honesty, placing Christ first in their lives. I immediately felt their acceptance of me as one of them.
When confronted with challenging circumstances, what do we see – our usual paradigm of the circumstances, or the opportunity for the Lord Jesus Christ to be present, acting among us? Let go of the usual paradigm and look to the risen and living Christ.
We all hope that our passing through this world will make a difference. One way we can do this is by becoming intercessors. We know that God dispatches healing and grace into the lives of those for whom we pray.
When was the last time you spent time in real conversation with another brother or sister in Christ? I have been a CIC member for many years. It has been a source of light and strength for me. I can walk into one of these meetings with something on my mind, talk and pray about it in the group, and leave feeling strengthened by the power of God.
Is something weighing on you that you can bring to a brother or sister to receive guidance?