ChristAlive! Archives: Healing

When I think about trusting God, I’m reminded of the poem about the child who brought a broken toy to God to fix. When the child complained that God had not fixed it, God responded, “My child, you never let it go.”
It’s absolutely amazing when I reflect on the journey that Mary and Joseph made right before the birth of Jesus. I think about what they had to endure to give life to Jesus and also what they endured to give his life to each of us...
Do we see the cross as foolishness or as an example of wisdom and power to be imitated in the daily conduct of our lives? To the Romans and the people of Jesus’ time, the cross was a symbol of dominance, suppression and death. To the Christian, the cross is a symbol of love, giving of self and the ultimate sacrifice...
My life was filled with some anxiousness but mostly excited anticipation while I was searching out where the Lord would have me work. I had heard more stories of men and women searching for work than I could ever remember since graduating from college 40 years ago. It may be that I was hearing more stories since this was the longest I had been out of work myself since college.
It was the first home game of my senior football season at Notre Dame. The game was nationally televised. It was a time of great pride, inflated egos and high expectations. Many in the sporting world were predicting that the game would catapult one of the two teams to the national championship...
One of the best ways to change our circumstances is to sing praises to the Lord. Anybody can sing after the miracle, but it is a consistent principle of the Bible that rejoicing in the face of tears works miracles.
Do we find ourselves coveting the things of this world? Or, do we appreciate our current stages in life and God’s will for us, giving ourselves fully to what he has for us? This enables us to laugh at the future because death is dead.
I find comfort in giving God my worries. In Matthew 11:30 we read, "For my yoke is easy and my burden is light." Yes, that’s true, if I let Jesus help me carry that burden. Don’t cast the burden aside. God wants to help you carry it.
I work in the newspaper advertising industry. It has been a turbulent time in our business. Although I work in a Christian environment and for a niche paper, not a daily publication, we are not immune to industry changes. It is challenging not to feel anxiety.
In January 2009, I learned I was being laid off as of February 26th. I was shocked, angry, hurt and disappointed. I had planned to retire from IBM. I had given this company my loyalty, time, energy and talents for 27 years, and this is what I was getting: laid off.