ChristAlive! Archives: Healing

Last year, I came across an amazing insight into God I had never thought about before. The author of a book I was reading made the point that by becoming man, Jesus added the virtue of courage to the Godhead. Prior to that there was no need for it.
How can unity possibly have a chance if we continue to side with the enemy? Will anyone be attracted to our faith if we are visibly divided while calling ourselves followers of Jesus Christ? I don't think so. It's probably one of the biggest reasons people outside of our faith judge it to be hypocritical; they hear us say one thing, but see us live out another.
In 2003 I had open heart surgery; not in the physical sense, but in the spiritual sense while attending my first Christians in Commerce Challenge Weekend. Actually, my “spiritual surgery” went unnoticed by all the attendees at the time because it was between me, (the patient) and God (the surgeon) who opened my heart to the Holy Spirit.
The blessedness the beatitudes talk about is having found the greatest good; the good we all seek and for which we are made. Blessedness is not subjective, it is objective. It is permanent and not fleeting; it is where we reside dependent on both God's grace and our choices.
When faced with a difficult situation, do you find yourself relying on your own resources, or do you immediately turn to the Lord and ask for help? After you ask for help, do you trust that it will come?
Our relationships with other brothers and sisters in Christ, such as those in our Challenge Groups, can be sources of light in our lives if we allow the truth to reign in them and trust each other by being transparent. So many times I experience the light of truth shining forth in my brothers when I reveal some personal or professional struggle that confounds my understanding...
How many times have I been “walking on water” with the help of the Lord in the present or past miracles he has done in my life? Then Satan whispers in my ear, “You know, this can’t go on too much longer – you need to start working on some kind of Plan B. I’ll help you with that...”
Last December, as I was reviewing the year (2010) I wrote down a list of things that had occurred in my personal and business life. My mindset had been “what a tough year” and “these are tough times” at lots of levels. There had definitely been difficulties!
Zechariah and Elizabeth are great models for us. They remained faithful and persistent in their prayer over many years even though they saw nothing to indicate that that their prayer was being answered.
We often greet our friends with the saying, “What do you know?” When we die and go to heaven, we will be asked, “Whom do you know?”