ChristAlive! Archives: Healing

Is the written Word of God a lie or the real truth? Before I began courting Jesus, I believed that some of scripture made sense, but for the most part, the rest was far-fetched. Now, I know it to be very true.
In his book “Suffering of Love” Regis Martin recounts a story that is very appropriate for the Advent season (Ignatius Press 2006, pp 124-125). It’s from “The Works of Oscar Wilde” and is called “The Selfish Giant”...
Where was this Jesus? People around me were talking about their intimate relationship with him and how wonderful it was to have a friend in Jesus. What was missing for me? I seemed to be making all the right moves, but without the results I was looking for. Could I not “see the forest for the trees”, or was my visibility impaired by denial?
Growing up, my family struggled with the demons of alcoholism. We looked happy and well adjusted from the outside, but the disease ravaged our household for years, causing anger and abuse to fill our lives. I grew up feeling abandoned, resentful, and ashamed. When I married and began my own family, I found old habits resurfacing in my life as I struggled to find joy and allow others to love and care for me.
“My relationship with her is changed forever. I am so pumped. I really needed this today!” Gretchen, our rating and billing coordinator, tends to talk in superlatives, but I could tell she was more excited than normal. She had just discovered that Valerie, one of her regular customer contacts, was a Christian and had a miraculous story to tell.
I know where the attack comes from and it usually shows up right before or during some grand opportunity to spread the good news of Jesus Christ. Was my trust in the Lord slipping a bit? Possibly! At times, it can be difficult to remember that my trials (big and small) are faith builders and that they can help draw me even closer to God.
Almost immediately, I sensed that I was supposed to get over to Burt and ask if I could pray over him for healing. After being around CIC for 25+ years, it’s almost second nature for me to pray over those in need. We are indeed called to drop whatever we are doing and pray whenever the opportunity presents itself. But in this case, I began to think that praying over Burt might seem a little weird...
After being on ice for four days, a quadruple bypass surgery was performed successfully. I was released five days later. I ultimately located my “angel” and thanked him.
Amidst my fear of the future, God WAS there.
By the grace of God and the power of the Holy Spirit, I received a moment of clarity. I realized that our Father had something exciting in store for me.