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Am I viewing all aspects of my career through the eyes of our Father?
After I hung up, I had a strong urge to call her back. I fought it. I didn’t know her well, and was afraid she might report me for overstepping my bounds...
I can't keep Christ to myself; souls are at stake. The Great Commission must come first on my daily checklist.
Is there someone who needs to experience God’s mercy through you?
How can you make your workplace more like God’s workplace for the people who enter it?
I don’t know about you, but the last thing I want is to start every week with a “Monday Moan” and end it with “Thank God it’s Friday” for the next thirty years.
My company believes in building community for the homeowner associations we serve. This can be challenging when we get calls from homeowners with problems. At times, it’s difficult not to take these issues personally.
Who are the difficult people you encounter at work? At home? Online? How does God want to use you?
Am I checking in on my family, friends and coworkers? Do I make time to listen to them?