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Every one of us can make a difference in our workplace no matter our role, position, or skills. By being Christ, we should exhibit the characteristics of the very best workers in the world...
If a grain of wheat is not gathered and ground into flour to make bread, its purpose and destiny are never realized. The same thing can happen with people if they do not embrace their creator and his purpose and destiny for their lives.
God is looking for men and women who are willing to join him in becoming an overwhelming force for the transformation of this world and for building a new creation. What if we said, “Yes”?
How easy it is to keep our faith compartmentalized; take it with us to church, to CIC meetings and maybe let it show a bit in our volunteer work. Sometimes our fears get the best of us and prevent us from taking risks and stepping out for Christ.
One day I was driving past a sports bar at noontime and felt that the Holy Spirit wanted me to go inside. I was not available in my heart as I pushed the thought aside and drove on. The voice without a voice pressed in on me – so I made one of my many “Holy Spirit u-turns” and went into the bar...
I thought for a second and said, “You know, one day you’ll meet someone, and you’ll just see something in them and their life and you’ll want to be like them; that’s how God got to me”. Then she said something I wasn’t ready for. “You’re that person for me.”
How should Christians respond to hostility towards their faith in the workplace? Some people believe that faith should be private, not to be shared or otherwise evident in the workplace. Others object to hearing talk about Jesus, complaining that they do not want Christians imposing their beliefs on them. They contend that the workplace should be a religious-free zone.
Where do I struggle with trusting in God?
Am I living the life of Christ by who I am, what I do, and how I do it, no matter where I am?
Do I encourage or criticize others in their walk with Christ?