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Our Christians in Commerce Vision Statement charges us to “expand the kingdom.” We know that this is our mission in life, and yet we deal with fear, doubt and uncertainty as we consider opportunities in our daily lives to share the Good News.
Peter reminds us that the devil is on the prowl. I'm here to tell you that there are also lambs on the prowl, and they are looking for someone to bless; someone who needs encouragement or a friend; someone who is wondering whether cynicism and bitterness are the only responses to life's challenges; someone facing serious health issues for themselves or a loved one; someone wondering how long he can keep going.
Who in this world wants to become a fool? It sounds like backwards thinking. I believe the word “fool” in the above passage refers to a humble servant. We know what the world often does to humble servants though; it persecutes them physically and emotionally. In my experience, my pride and fear of persecution have caused me to avoid being a fool for Christ.
I was on 1st Street in front of our local women’s clinic at 9:30 a.m. walking with a sign on my front saying “Pray For An End to Abortions”. I was quietly praying while I watched some early morning customers of the liquor store across the street, occasionally saying “Hi” or something else. I never know what comments people might have.
We might say that we are unqualified and unworthy for this kind of work for Jesus. We’d all agree that we are ALL unqualified and unworthy, yet Jesus encourages wants us, in the words of Francis of Assisi, to “Preach the Gospel at all times and when necessary use words.” God sends his Holy Spirit to put the words in our mouths.
Pride is the major enemy of Christians. It acts as a block to the love Christ wants to share with others through us. That’s why anything that puffs us up is something we should take a close look at; even those things that are spiritual in nature. Our actions as Christians are to build others up at every turn so that our words are lived out in love.
I love the fact that God talks to us and does it in such ways that we know it's actually he who is speaking. He has been speaking to me for a lifetime and yet I only began hearing his voice about 20 years ago...
I like that God challenges me to be a house of prayer for all peoples. As I traveled around over the last couple weeks from business to business, God presented a number of opportunities to include him; he usually does. I am no longer shocked or frightened by the situations he brings me to or the circumstances he and I enter into together...
Have you ever looked for a sign of God’s presence in your life? Have you ever asked God to prove that the voice instructing you is actually his? I find myself asking God to not only show me a sign, but to affirm his sign with yet another sign...
How excited are we about Jesus’ existence on earth? I get real excited about it when I replace the name “David” in Luke 2:11 with my own: “Today in the town of Jack a Savior has been born; He is Christ the Lord.” Each of us is a little town and the birth of Jesus in us should be front-page news.