ChristAlive! Archives: Christian Witness in Workplace

Have you ever been in work situations where you felt like the mountains in front of you looked so high that you would never overcome them? Have you ever had trouble getting started with a project that you just kept putting off? Have you ever missed deadlines in your work that had serious consequences?
Through the centuries, we have had brothers and sisters faithfully go before us and live out their faith with commitment and courage. They did it in different times, in different cultures, in different positions and different circumstances. Those were their times. These are our times to be faithful and faith-filled.
Are we aware of the significance of our relationships, service, and words to others and theirs to us - acceptance or rejection of Jesus and the one who sent him?
Due to my job situation, I take frequent flights. Recently, I experienced a full day of encounters that not only blessed me, but enabled me to be a blessing to someone else.
We once had a tree we had to cut down, and we discovered that the root system was as large as the tree. It took three men, three days and one machine to finally get rid of those roots. That is how Christ wants me to be rooted in him so that I can stand in the face of adversity.
Do I see the face of Christ in everyone I encounter and treat them as such?
What prevents us from sharing Jesus with others? For me the biggest impediment is fear. One thing I have noticed about fear is that the more you do something, the less fearful of it you are. The difficult part is taking that first step.
God asked Solomon what he would choose if he could have anything in the world. Solomon asked for knowledge, wisdom and understanding. Because Solomon did not ask for wealth or material things, God granted him all three. Solomon went on to become a wealthy man.
TAKE THE CHALLENGE: Whom do you know who is suffering? How can you bring the hope of Christ to this person?
The experience caused me to wonder about the potential impact of this behavior. How does faith bashing help demonstrate the life and teachings of our Lord and Savior? We should always strive for our behavior and words to tell the story of Christ's love and leave the judging to him.