ChristAlive! Archives: Christian Witness in Workplace

Often when we think about having an impact on this world, we think about grand schemes. There is nothing wrong with wanting to do great things for God if our motives are pure. However, not everyone is in a position to “go big”.
John the Baptist humbly describes himself in the above scripture as Jesus’ best man. He not only joyfully announces Jesus’ coming, he also shares a personal testimony about becoming less while Jesus becomes greater. If we preach or serve Jesus in a way that makes us greater and him less, we have taken the bride away from the bridegroom.
My business is based on commission. If I do not find new clients to help I do not get paid. So naturally, I spend considerable time asking God to bless my business...
Prior to my first visit with Dr. Tom, the Lord put it on my heart to ask him about his faith. I said I would but then chickened out. My blood results were borderline and left Dr. Tom concerned. He said he wanted me back for more blood work in three months...
As Christians, one of the challenges we face in the workplace is discerning when it is appropriate to talk about Christ...
How often do I say, “I’m too busy”? Do I accept, or even choose, a life of busyness? Do I prefer busyness to spending time with the Lord?
Do we open ourselves to the Father, Son and Holy Spirit who live in us so they may be reflected in our thoughts, words and conduct to the people and circumstances of our lives?
I work in a Christian bookstore one day a week. I have met some very colorful, if not a little different, people while working there. They are my friends and sometimes they come in just to visit. Some of them are on medication for different types of mental disorders.
When we walk into a dark room we don’t have a switch that turns off the darkness, we have a light switch that overcomes the darkness. Instead of wishing we could turn off the darkness, we should focus on turning on the light.
Old habits die hard. Growing up, the manner of speaking among my peers was anything but wholesome. We made an ongoing game of ridiculing each other for all manner of defects, real and imagined. We might have said it was all in good fun and without malice, but I’ve since learned that no matter the design, words have power beyond our intentions.