ChristAlive! Archives: Christian Witness in Workplace

When I opened our business in October of 1980, I was not walking with the Lord. I made sure everyone was aware of my success and knew I was the owner.
I was finishing an interview with a business owner for an article I was to write about her art store. I saw photographs of her little dog wearing reindeer antlers that she used in her newspaper advertisements. Seeing that she was a dog-lover, I told her briefly about my recently deceased dog Charlie and how God had used Charlie's life to teach me something about his own character.
We frequently speak about “being Christ”. Our mission statement reminds us that “we encourage and equip Christians to live the life of Christ by releasing the power of the Holy Spirit that is in them. We challenge them to be Christ to the people and circumstances in their workplaces by bringing his truth, love, healing, justice and excellence to the marketplace”.
What does it mean to speak the truth in your place of business? Within your family? Do you tend to “go with the crowd” even in situations that make you uncomfortable?
When you have been in the same career for over 30 years, patterns begin to emerge and things repeat themselves over the course of time. The power of prayer is one of those things that I have seen make a difference in my legal cases over these many years.
The vision of CIC is to build the Kingdom of God in the workplace. There is a certain comfort in the familiarity we have with the people we see every day at work, even the delivery people and the clerks at the post office. We can expand our influence as we enlarge our perception of our workplaces to include our professional associations and networking groups.
Are you being presented with opportunities to pray over others in need or share the love of God? Are we dropping whatever we are doing to tend to them in Christ? Last year, I was road cycling with some other men along the Pacific coast. As we were riding along Burt, 73, was in front of me as we began climbing a hill.
Who inspires me to be more open about my faith? How can I be more like that person? My friend Sherida is an inspiration for me. The thing that has impressed me the most is her complete openness in sharing her faith in God.
Am I willing to be identified as a follower of Christ? How can I make my faith more visible in my workplace? Business is business, but even so, we can show that the Lord is present and working to redeem the world through our interactions in the marketplace.
When have I allowed myself to become too busy to obey a prompting from the Holy Spirit? How can I overcome this in the future? A few years ago, when I owned an Ace hardware store, I was busy as a cashier. There were a few customers in line when I noticed a lady looking around.