ChristAlive! Archives: Workplace & Family Life Balance

“Weary and burdened” is a great description for most of us in our flawed and fallen world. All of us have challenges we’re faced with. Some burdens seem overwhelming and just don’t go away.
What’s your stuff, your God-directed and God-permitted stuff? How can you live in Christ in the present moment more and pack it with as much of his love as possible?
In 2010 I had been retired for a year and a half and was enjoying this time. While I stayed busy, I felt like I still had a lot to give and wanted to go back to work...
How often does my family spend time in prayer together?
Last year my wife and I discovered the retirement arrangement we had been seeking for several years. This had been a subject of much prayer and, unfortunately, anxiety because I was inattentive to Christ’s words about not worrying and lacked the confidence that the Spirit would guide us. I had allowed the uncertainty of it all to disturb a resignation to do God’s will.
A couple of years ago I heard God calling me to make some changes in my work life. After prayer, sharing with my CIC sisters and discerning with my husband, I decided to go back to school. We have three small children and both my husband and I work full time, so adding school to the mix was a stretch for us.
At one CIC Challenge Weekend the level of pain from the economy was palatable and reminded me of Job and his trials. I can count at least twenty individuals from family members, CIC members and friends who are unemployed or underemployed. Each one must feel like Job, asking, "Where is God in this pain?"
We are in difficult economic times. Much of my income is dependent on commission. In 2009, my income lowered by more than 10 percent. It was challenging to change my lifestyle, depend more on my husband for financial resources and reduce my tithing...
I have been a real estate agent for over 30 years. I have seen a lot of ups and downs in this business, but nothing like what we are experiencing now. I am surrounded by people who are suffering in one form or another from this economy. Many of my peers in the real estate business have seen their business fall by 50% or more.
A coworker once shared an insight that I found very helpful in sorting through the challenges I face and how best to serve the bringing forth of the kingdom of God. He was sharing about dealing with circumstances at work. Circumstances can be fit into three different buckets...