ChristAlive! Archives: Workplace & Family Life Balance

As these events unfold, particularly during the many challenging days, I find myself expectantly asking the Lord to reveal what he has in store for us... These amazing events have once again given us the confidence to realize that God always has greater wisdom and whatever happens will be for his glory.
... one of our challenges is to maintain that prayerful spirit throughout the day – avoiding getting derailed by the variety of obstacles we face, deadlines, conflicting viewpoints, etc. But there are reminders all around us of the price Jesus paid for us and the victory he demonstrated – there are crosses everywhere.
One night my wife and I were discussing our finances. This month was going to be tight because of some unexpected expenses. I told her the company has not given raises since Hurricane Katrina. The economy and the housing market had yet to recover.
I want to share about two young men with whom I used to work who are living out the truth of Christianity in some very challenging times. They are building their lives on the rock and putting his truth into practice.
He has a thousand stories of the people he has helped in the area and the ministry he and his wife provide as Christians in the workplace.