ChristAlive! Archives: Workplace Integrity

In what ways are you dealing with workplace injustice? How do you handle it? A generous landowner hired workers for his vineyard at varying times of the day and paid everyone the same wage. Those who had worked longer hours believed they were subject to an injustice. They became angry, jealous and resentful...
In these trying economic times it can be tempting to loosen our values in the marketplace in order to maintain profitability. A couple of years ago, our company faced a very difficult situation that presented us with a number of challenging decisions. We started working for a large general contractor in January of 2007. Approximately six months into the relationship we noticed some inconsistencies in their accounting practices...
Now, more than ever, the call we’ve been given as Christians in commerce is needed... We have experienced the baptism of the Holy Spirit. We have joined together to walk into battle filled with the Holy Spirit and wearing the armor of God. We call others to join with us and live the life of Christ to turn the tide and expand the Kingdom of God by being Christ in the workplace.
I asked Annie, “Do you know what happened to Michael’s bottle? Part of it is missing.” She looked at me worriedly and replied, “I fed it to Cole but halfway through, I realized what I was doing and got the right bottle." We both knew we had a big problem; big enough to lose a job over.
These are trying times. Economic downturns are opportunities to focus on being faithful, leaving the outcome in God’s hands.