ChristAlive! Archives: Workplace Ethical Issues

A few years ago, a subcontractor filed a mechanics lien on a house I was building. The financing bank quickly halted any further disbursements, making it virtually impossible to finish the project. The house was headed to foreclosure even before it was completed!
What does it mean to speak the truth in your place of business? Within your family? Do you tend to “go with the crowd” even in situations that make you uncomfortable?
So many times in business we hear, “It’s a business decision, feelings have nothing to do with it.” God gave us minds for thinking, emotions for feeling, wills for choosing and his Spirit to empower us to act in love. If we eliminate any one of those elements or make a decision using just one of these elements, such as emotion, the quality of our decisions may suffer.
I used to work for someone who did some very unethical things in procurement and finance that could and should have landed him in jail. He even asked his staff to do things that were unethical. While I stood my ground and refused, I let his actions and behavior consume me, even after work, rather than just let it go.
When I am forced to make a tough decision, do I immediately turn to the Lord, or do I try to “go it alone”? In difficult financial times, does my focus remain on him instead of material things? In the real estate business, there are major ups and downs financially. The challenge of living on 100% commission is not easy...
The tongue is a powerful instrument. It can be used to build the kingdom up or tear it down. Matthew makes it clear that we will be held accountable for every careless word we speak. I want to focus on two areas of speech: negative humor and controlling our thoughts before speaking.
There are times when work really stinks (You’re probably thinking, “Amen to that!”). We all have these times. So what do we do? How do we respond? What really matters?
In July 2009, after 35 years as a prosecutor and 2 years of private practice, God blessed me with a new career as a trial court judge. The role of trial court judge presented me with a new challenge. I was no longer handling only criminal cases, meaning I would have to preside over and decide civil disputes, divorces, child protection and custody cases, eviction and probate matters...
I asked Jim, a longtime friend and Christian brother, if he had experienced God’s presence in getting the new company up and running. He said, “Like breathing oxygen, all the time. Starting any new venture entails risk. Living through the risk is where I most felt the Lord’s presence. The economic downturn both increased our risk and made the Lord’s hand more visible.” Jim then shared the following examples...
Doug and his family were struggling to get by in a failing economy. Suddenly, an offer comes along that would make him almost a year's salary for one transaction! The catch? It's fraud.