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My daily appointment with God is something I learned from CIC and my brothers. A recent experience reminded me of the importance of keeping this time.
I love to watch history in the making. I like to be able to say that I was there when it happened; whether I saw it on TV or in person doesn't matter.
As Christians, one of the challenges we face in the workplace is discerning when it is appropriate to talk about Christ...
When I retired, I tried to focus on adding to my nest egg, but after two and a half years things fell apart. The company I had thought to be ordained by God was failing, and I had six months until layoff. Then I had to have an open lung biopsy. Suddenly, my focus changed to what was happening to me.
What part of my comfort zone am I willing to die to so that Jesus can live in me? When will I give God permission to live out his purpose in my life? Whom or what am I hiding from? Is it God?
How often do I say, “I’m too busy”? Do I accept, or even choose, a life of busyness? Do I prefer busyness to spending time with the Lord?
Do we open ourselves to the Father, Son and Holy Spirit who live in us so they may be reflected in our thoughts, words and conduct to the people and circumstances of our lives?
As he sped away, it amazed me how God had placed it on my heart to pray for his guidance at just the right time. It amazed me that he had nudged me to go outside and look at my daughter’s car at the right moment. It amazed me that I was outside at the perfect time to greet Jake and pray with him.
When is giving praise to God a real sacrifice? How much choice is involved in the word “offer”? I recently learned, or re-learned, the answers to these questions...
Coming from the pros, this coach had experienced great success because he was working with young men who already had a solid foundation and were ready for the expertise he had to impart. However, at the college level, there was no foundation to build upon...