ChristAlive! Archives: Stewardship

I believe that everyone on earth has access to the Holy Spirit. Witnessing the work of the Holy Spirit is a free gift to each of us, but receiving it requires a mature choice. The last part of the verse above is the key to being able to see and do what God does: obedience.
How often in life do we encounter people who need our love, our compassion, and our mercy and yet we skip over these important parts of our faith walk? Instead, we jump right into giving great advice and wisdom, thinking it more important.
Are you waiting for a miracle and missing the miraculous works God is already doing in your life?
When we walk into a dark room we don’t have a switch that turns off the darkness, we have a light switch that overcomes the darkness. Instead of wishing we could turn off the darkness, we should focus on turning on the light.
What choices and decisions will you make to ensure Christ lives fully within you?
Over the 12 years of my being a member of Christians in Commerce, I have witnessed many trials and tribulations of others and of my own. Early on, I wondered why the faithful go through just as difficult times as those who do not believe or who are living lives that I view as less than favorable.
After losing my job in March 2012, I was broke, discouraged and burned out. I felt like I needed something different. A few months later, a good friend presented a business opportunity for me to consider. I would be in business for myself yet working with a team. I was excited and said, “Yes!”
Making a commitment to daily prayer during my first Challenge Weekend while still unwilling to make small personal sacrifices, I began praying in my car while driving to work. I thought, "Why take prime time? I have to drive to work anyway.” Then I began setting aside what I consider the best and first part of the day for daily prayer.
I worked real hard for two-thirds of my life at hiding the fact that I was a Christian to avoid being judged or rejected. Little did I know that true wisdom could be found by becoming a fool for Jesus...
We cannot escape the world. It is always around us, in good ways and bad. The internet has many uses, good and bad. Our eyes give us sight but sometimes lead us to sin. Our voices can give praise and encouragement but also disparage and gossip.