ChristAlive! Archives: Stewardship

Many times when we see a person acting purposefully, we say, "she's really grounded" or "he's got both feet on the ground." Many people look around and get the impression that their everyday activities, their business goals and maintaining their households are all there is to life -- and that if they follow all of society's laws and all the Bible's rules, they're doing all that's asked of them.
Some say Romans is one of the more difficult books of the Bible to understand. However, when one reads that Christ calls us to be a living sacrifice, what could be clearer? Jesus wants ALL of us - our time, resources, talents and even our very bodies.
Do we have to be pure as the driven snow when we work for Jesus? That would be the goal, but at times it is a bit unrealistic. We are sinners yesterday, today and tomorrow. Sinners relate to sinners.
The winds of adversity have blown through my life for many years. I wasn’t blessed to be brought up in a Christ-centered home, but I have come to experience the reality that God has a purpose and plan to transform us.
Do I allow myself to lose focus on God himself, instead becoming overly concerned with following “the letter of the law”? Do I cause others to fall into this way of thinking?
Are you thankful to God even when you are not prospering?
I learned to have a daily gratitude for my life and to show greater care for my family by not letting work get in the way. I learned to never judge the circumstances of another’s life.
The talents given to us are meant for sharing as an expression of our love.
What I read stunned me. It was a real challenge to put a “mirror” to myself and discover what was really on my heart about others. I’d like to share it with you and then offer another suggestion I’ve found very helpful...
We need mentoring. And we need mentors. In the greater realm of the Spirit, we need people to look up to who lead the way. Most importantly, we need people who respond to the call to shepherd others.