ChristAlive! Archives: Stewardship

As a sole proprietor with a niche market in the hard-hit tourism and hospitality industry, it was difficult to meet my financial obligations. Business opportunities shrank and I had to make a significant financial investment to develop my skills new areas in order to appeal to additional markets. I wasn't alone.
What does it mean to speak the truth in your place of business? Within your family? Do you tend to “go with the crowd” even in situations that make you uncomfortable?
Over the weekend, we celebrated the feast of the Epiphany. My perception of the Magi growing up was that they were three kings looking for another king. Maybe that perception was based on how I saw them portrayed in movies and manger scenes around the time of Christmas...
After hearing the Christmas story over and over, year after year, we might be tempted to take it for granted. Yet if we think about it, God’s willingness to become one of us is the greatest act of humility and love in all of human history. ..
What is your trust factor when it comes to relying upon God to supply all your needs? What areas of your life do you not trust God?
I was driving into the city early one Monday morning as several cars went whizzing by doing 75 miles and hour in a 55 mph zone. They weaved in and out of traffic. I thought, “Wow, these people must be REALLY eager to get to work. They’re probably thinking, ‘Thank God it’s Monday.’”
Am I reading the word and doing what it says, or what others tell me to do? Am I seeking advice from people who are intimate with Jesus and living out the word? Is there evidence of God’s fruit being born in their lives?
Having worked in hospice and with seniors for my entire adult life, I have come to believe that people who have taken the time in life to nurture, feed and protect their hearts will enter this period of life with great comfort, optimism and peace. In their final hours, they often display an inner strength, courage and calm that befuddles common sense.
How do you see the Holy Spirit working through your brothers and sisters? What are their gifts, and how do they complement yours?
What word or name would have best described you before you found your identity in the Lord? Which best describes you now? In scripture, naming is a very serious business. From the start, God named each of his works in creation and called upon Adam to do the same.