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Have I read through scripture so many times that sometimes it feels lifeless? Am I willing to change my routine to know the Lord better? Knowledge of the Lord is the gateway to love. We cannot love someone who we do not know. Our Father loves us because he created us and knows us better than anyone can ever know us but how do we come to know him? Scripture opens the door.
We rarely have any idea of the full impact of our gifts, no matter how large or small. Most often, we are the planters of seeds, not the reapers of the harvest... Reflect on the gifts God has given you. Do not reflect on whether these gifts are great or small. Instead, prayerfully consider how you can best put each one to use for the glory of God.
There are many kinds of thorns – worries, ambition, wealth, recognition, position, possessions and busyness, to name a few. The Roman soldiers placed a crown of thorns on Jesus’ head, but he did not let the pain of them deter him from his mission... Life will always have its demands. Do we let these demands choke out God’s word and presence in us, or do we invite him to join us in their midst?
A few years ago, I became jobless six days before I attended the CIC Annual Conference. The conference was my mountaintop experience... I experienced joyful praise and worship, rich fellowship, and challenging workshops. I also received an insight about my future career focus from a sister that I think was truly inspired by the Holy Spirit.
In reading and praying about this scripture, I am struck by the idea of trust on many levels. The Lord empowers us with his Holy Spirit and invites us to participate in his kingdom building. In this process, I am entrusted to exercise my free will to accept the calling and to be teamed with other kingdom builders.
My wife and I are very actively involved with CIC in Uganda. My first Annual Conference in 2006 was a great commissioning for me. I left filled with inspiration, vigor and conviction to take my position of stewardship in God's creation...
Several years ago my career seemed at a crossroads. The idea of opening my own insurance agency and becoming self-employed once again tugged at my heart. While contemplating the idea, I realized that not once in the past had I ever seriously consulted God before making a job change. Too rarely had I spent quality time seeking God’s guidance and direction before arriving at important decisions...
In these challenging economic times, it is more important than ever to keep our focus on our relationship with God. It’s easy for us to get caught up in the doom and gloom that we see in the media and forget that God knows all of this is happening and is with us through it all.
All of us want to know that we are buying quality and value... We are willing to pay a little more if we know that what we buy will last longer and perform better over the long haul. The up-front sacrifices are small when weighed against the long-term payoffs.
Recently I’ve been thinking about this word “enamored”. The dictionary definition is “to cause to feel a strong or excessive interest or fascination”. I’d like to describe some ways in which I have been enamored in my life through a person, a place, and a thing.