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Many people see work as a curse resulting from the fall, but as we can see in scripture, work was ordained before the fall, so work is a part of God’s divine plan for us. Our purpose is to take care of creation until God is “all in all.”
A few years ago I was under significant pressure at work and in a serious situation where a supervisor did not like me and wanted me to leave. I needed to quickly figure out an “exit plan” and find another job...
Accolades, advancement, fun work, great people, star-status with the agency… I couldn’t have asked for anything more. Then, for a variety of reasons, it all fell apart...
After the buyout, we worked with our executive team to develop a values statement. We didn’t want to implement a set of values that we didn’t live. We didn’t want our values to be passive, but rather wanted them to reflect attitudes and actions that the individual can control. After a lot of prayer and conversation, we articulated four core values...
How should Christians respond to hostility towards their faith in the workplace? Some people believe that faith should be private, not to be shared or otherwise evident in the workplace. Others object to hearing talk about Jesus, complaining that they do not want Christians imposing their beliefs on them. They contend that the workplace should be a religious-free zone.
Let us strive to judge less and understand more!
As Paul says, we are now able to do more because of the power that works in us, by being a light to others in our daily living. The workplace is where we change the culture by our very presence
Am I easy to approach, easy to confide in and easy to trust?
A good starting point for pouring out the Holy Spirit on others is to set aside our own personal interest and take an interest in the welfare of others. Who is the Lord sending into your life today?
Have you ever been in work situations where you felt like the mountains in front of you looked so high that you would never overcome them? Have you ever had trouble getting started with a project that you just kept putting off? Have you ever missed deadlines in your work that had serious consequences?