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Makes sense, doesn’t it? We have a game plan for our business in order to succeed. Shouldn’t we have a game plan for our spiritual life? I really enjoy the peace of God, and I don’t want to lose it!
There’s always a story behind the story. Every interaction in the workplace is orbited by a constellation of stories. Sometimes these stories shine bright and sometimes they are too faint for us to perceive.
What was going on? Emotions were running high. Confrontational language was being used. Two close friends and committed Christians were having difficulty expressing themselves or even understanding each other...
Do I begin my day by giving thanks to God before rushing into my daily routine? When a particular problem seems insurmountable, do I place it in the Lord’s hands?
There is a young man, “Mike,” who was new to Christians in Commerce last November. He came to CIC after meeting a brother walking around their neighborhood. He attended a Wednesday morning meeting, a Challenge Group meeting that evening and attended his first Challenge Weekend two days later...
I surely did not feel sanctified to deal with the disappointment I had just experienced. An opening for a managerial position had opened up in my department. It seemed to be a good fit for me. I checked in with the Director, indicating that I would apply for the position. He was encouraging...
Do I submit to and trust in my superiors at work? What has the outcome been when I have? During my first year as campus minister, my goal was to support the teachers through reflections and material that would strengthen their background and faith. At the request of a new teacher, I went into her class once a week.
In the book Crucial Conversations, the authors tell us there are basically three negative stories we can tell ourselves when things are going wrong: “I’m a victim”, “There’s a villain” or “I’m helpless”. These stories color our thinking and are certainly common in our world. They distort our ability to understand God’s will.
When he lost his job, Jim found himself comforting his boss instead of vice versa.