ChristAlive! Archives: Relationships with Coworkers

What would you do if you had the chance to avoid owning up for a mistake at work, knowing no one would be the wiser?
... he glanced at my backseat and noticed my Bible. He dropped my hand, turned on his heel, and said as he strode away, “We definitely can’t work together if you read that book.”
Am I viewing all aspects of my career through the eyes of our Father?
Years ago, one of my partners and I got sideways in our relationship. It was unpleasant and embarrassing because we were both committed Christians. Once we got sideways, we started assuming the worst of each other in our email correspondence.
The next time you are part of a conversation that portrays someone in a negative light, ask yourself, “Is this a fruitful, godly conversation?”
How is the Lord trying to interrupt you?
Is there someone who needs to experience God’s mercy through you?
It is normal to seek safety and comfort, but sometimes the Lord calls us to step out of our safety and comfort, even though it may not make sense to us at the time.
How can you make your workplace more like God’s workplace for the people who enter it?
When your work is such a big part of your life and others are making it miserable for you, how can that life be a happy and productive one?