ChristAlive! Archives: Relationships with Coworkers

Accolades, advancement, fun work, great people, star-status with the agency… I couldn’t have asked for anything more. Then, for a variety of reasons, it all fell apart...
After the buyout, we worked with our executive team to develop a values statement. We didn’t want to implement a set of values that we didn’t live. We didn’t want our values to be passive, but rather wanted them to reflect attitudes and actions that the individual can control. After a lot of prayer and conversation, we articulated four core values...
I thought for a second and said, “You know, one day you’ll meet someone, and you’ll just see something in them and their life and you’ll want to be like them; that’s how God got to me”. Then she said something I wasn’t ready for. “You’re that person for me.”
You and I have probably each looked at the time and energy that we put into our projects and wondered whether it is worth it. We live in a flawed and fallen world, so for all we put into our work, it always falls short to some degree.
How should Christians respond to hostility towards their faith in the workplace? Some people believe that faith should be private, not to be shared or otherwise evident in the workplace. Others object to hearing talk about Jesus, complaining that they do not want Christians imposing their beliefs on them. They contend that the workplace should be a religious-free zone.
Recently God lead me to a new full-time job working with recovering drug addicts and alcoholics in early recovery. This work is not new to me for I’ve been doing this for six years now. However, at my former job, the clients I worked with had been at least three months sober and begun a solid recovery program...
Do I find myself caught up with being right rather than being Christ?
“Joy” is one of those words, like “grace”, that I identify with Jesus. Somehow joy and praise go together like peanut butter and jelly. In his book Hope for Each Day, the Reverend Billy Graham defines “joy” in terms of "serving the Lord" and realizing great contentment in our personal relationship with him.
Let us strive to judge less and understand more!
As Paul says, we are now able to do more because of the power that works in us, by being a light to others in our daily living. The workplace is where we change the culture by our very presence