ChristAlive! Archives: Relationships with Coworkers

How do I respond to life’s changes and challenges?
Am I easy to approach, easy to confide in and easy to trust?
A good starting point for pouring out the Holy Spirit on others is to set aside our own personal interest and take an interest in the welfare of others. Who is the Lord sending into your life today?
Are we aware of the significance of our relationships, service, and words to others and theirs to us - acceptance or rejection of Jesus and the one who sent him?
What prevents us from sharing Jesus with others? For me the biggest impediment is fear. One thing I have noticed about fear is that the more you do something, the less fearful of it you are. The difficult part is taking that first step.
TAKE THE CHALLENGE: Whom do you know who is suffering? How can you bring the hope of Christ to this person?
How am I at listening? When someone is speaking, do I treat them like they are the only person in the room, or do I allow my thoughts to wander?
My business is based on commission. If I do not find new clients to help I do not get paid. So naturally, I spend considerable time asking God to bless my business...
Prior to my first visit with Dr. Tom, the Lord put it on my heart to ask him about his faith. I said I would but then chickened out. My blood results were borderline and left Dr. Tom concerned. He said he wanted me back for more blood work in three months...
As Christians, one of the challenges we face in the workplace is discerning when it is appropriate to talk about Christ...