ChristAlive! Archives: Relationships with Coworkers

As we sat listening to her, my heart softened and I was no longer bent on rushing the meal to get home. I sensed God's anointing and then the nudge from him to pray with her. I asked, "Are you a woman of faith?"
As Sean spoke, I wondered how it would be to start all over with nothing. How would I be able to take care of my family? Would I find work? Would I survive? Would I place my trust in the Lord?
In recent years, our company has experienced growth in sales and personnel. There are new, younger faces joining our team, with almost everyone in the company closer to my children’s ages. Through CIC, I continue to sense God’s calling me to be willing to bring his light and love to the workplace; to be willing to be a friendly servant.
As a member of the Salinas Valley Chapter for many years, I have been privileged to see into many men’s lives. My involvement in the various activities of our chapter, especially Challenge Weekends, has taught me much about myself, as well as about other men in our groups. What impresses me most about each member of the body is the variety of gifts God gives to us.
About eight years ago I approached a colleague about attending a Challenge Weekend. I had and still have a high regard for this person as a committed and unselfish professional... But his reaction to my suggestion surprised me...
Some challenges can seem so big and so daunting that we feel discouraged or even hopeless. Yet, we have the ultimate home court advantage — Jesus. By partnering with Jesus through prayer we can help ensure our own success.
How does my presence affect the way my fellow workers speak and act? What has the power of the Holy Spirit done for my courage?
Watch your tongue today. Is it well-instructed and well-trained? Let us use it today to give a word that sustains the weary in whatever situation we are.
The other day, I wrote down a list of people who are in my life in some capacity. Some are clients or prospective clients. Some are coworkers...Some are family members...I was praying to the Lord about what it is I am supposed to do with the people on this list.
How can I be more merciful? What does mercy look like in my daily life? Showing mercy is my new assignment and I need a heaping dose of God’s grace to do it. I find that often, I judge others in all kinds of situations, but especially at work.