ChristAlive! Archives: Relationships with Coworkers

What is the reason for your hope? Are you prepared to share it with others? Why or why not? How can you be better prepared?
Prayerfully examine your relationship with members of the opposite sex at work. Have you shared things together that really belong between you and your spouse? Do you spend too much time seeking their admiration and attention? What are the opportunities here to deny yourself and honor God and your spouse?
My husband and I have a small antique business. We often purchase furniture that we clean, rebuild and refurbish, producing a new piece with new life. Richard and I went into business to supplement our income. We were the only Christians we knew among the antique dealers and we believed God had his own plan in bringing us to this shop.
We engage in “teasing” for various reasons. It may be to let off steam from the stress of the current economic situation. Regardless, it is destructive and frankly, not wise. Throughout the book of James, we are warned about the power of the tongue...
We often hear that people recognize their need to be in good relationships with other Christians in order to live the life of Christ effectively in the world. It is clearly the plan of the Lord to gather his people together to work in unity to accomplish his mission of redeeming the world. It’s surely a good thing to do, but so often other things get in the way.
What I read stunned me. It was a real challenge to put a “mirror” to myself and discover what was really on my heart about others. I’d like to share it with you and then offer another suggestion I’ve found very helpful...
Each person has a circle of influence which consists of those with whom we regularly come in contact. Who is in your circle of influence? What challenges does this bring?
As we approached the repair shop, I was immediately discouraged and expressed my dismay to Rob. This shop looked like a dive... To make matters worse, the two repair guys standing inside the empty bays had a certain appearance that left me disheartened. I was hesitant, to say the least.
For us, the presence of God that we received from him remains in us; we do not need anyone to teach it to us. Rather, his presence teaches us about all things, and as that presence is real, not counterfeit, we need to remain in him.
A new creation: trying something new, changing, giving up what is comfortable. How easy it is to keep our faith compartmentalized; take it with us to church, to CIC meetings and maybe let it show a bit in our volunteer work. Sometimes our fears get the best of us and prevent us from taking risks and stepping out for Christ.