ChristAlive! Archives: Relationships with Coworkers

Keeping a healthy perspective on the importance of little things is key... A good illustration is of a man who was walking down the street. Seeing a worker, he asked what he was doing. The worker replied, “Laying bricks”. Further down, he asked the next worker what he was doing and he replied, “Building a wall”. Finally, he asked a third worker who responded, “Building a cathedral”.
Some challenges can seem so big and so daunting that we feel discouraged or even hopeless. Yet, we have the ultimate home court advantage — Jesus. By partnering with Jesus through prayer we can help ensure our own success.
I used to think of myself as an idealist in the best sense of the word. I liked to believe that I was a "the cup is half full" kind of guy. But at one point in my life, I saw myself getting more and more depressed and couldn't figure out why.
In my workplace, we have many different personalities and occasionally experience conflict. Dealing with workplace conflicts certainly shows me ways in which my words can be harmful. There was a time when one of my coworkers had been presenting challenges for my teammates and me...
About a year ago, I was helping to train a new employee. In the midst of work, this person shared with me about herself and why she moved to Phoenix. She went on to say that her boyfriend and her mother had moved out here as well. “Ok”, I thought, “So this young couple is living together; very unfortunate but not exactly uncommon.” Then the conversation took a bit of a turn...
This convicted me that I needed to pray for my coworkers and clients more diligently. What other opportunities had I missed by not being spiritually “tuned in” to others’ needs? I began to pray.
Most of us have memories of a teacher or coach who made a significant impact on us growing up, but as adults, not all of us have had or been a mentor. As we grow as Christians, it is desirable to experience both roles...
What was going on? Emotions were running high. Confrontational language was being used. Two close friends and committed Christians were having difficulty expressing themselves or even understanding each other.
Over the past few years, like many of you, I experienced an office consolidation that brought a sister company’s personnel into my office space. This put me in almost daily contact with people that I had only met on a few occasions. Recently, I have gotten to know one man who sits in the office next to mine.
Each person has a circle of influence which consists of those with whom we regularly come in contact... Who is in your circle of influence and what are some of the challenges you face?