ChristAlive! Archives: Relationships with Subordinates

One thing that has been ringing true in my life in Christ, especially over the last few months, is to be faithful as Christ compels us, and let the Holy Spirit take care of the results...
Do I allow myself to lose focus on God himself, instead becoming overly concerned with following “the letter of the law”? Do I cause others to fall into this way of thinking?
Makes sense, doesn’t it? We have a game plan for our business in order to succeed. Shouldn’t we have a game plan for our spiritual life? I really enjoy the peace of God, and I don’t want to lose it!
It suddenly hit me. I had been treating George based on behavior someone else had told me to expect rather than on anything I had seen. Instead of being Christ in the workplace and expecting the best, I was the “hammer”, expecting the worst!
As an element of the human condition, workers tolerate inequities because they need to support their families. This is our instinctive nature. But God tells us not to be afraid and to trust in his providence. Managers are responsible to serve as stewards to those placed under their dominion by th
The harvest is wherever I am. It doesn't matter if I'm healthy or sick, rich or poor, busy or not busy, working or on vacation, in the office or at home, in the mood or out of the mood, at church or not at church, or in good times or bad times. If God needs a harvester, I'm to be ready and available. How God uses me as a harvester or which harvest field I find myself in is his doing.
Kathy came to me through an employee who knew her. She was fresh out of prison and had served time for using and selling drugs. She had some 15-year-old work experience in aerospace but none of it applied to the advertising agency where I was the main steward.
... I sometimes find myself vulnerable to being approached by many of our workers with personal problems or issues. My first response is to want to avoid such relationships and possible entanglements. However, the Holy Spirit has shown me that I must respond.
When you experience difficulties in the workplace, is your first reaction to turn to the Lord? Jim had owned a construction company for over 40 years when he ran into an employee problem that demanded his attention. For some reasons he couldn’t immediately understand, employee attitudes had become negative to the point of working contrary to Jim’s direction and desires. Something had to be done.
It was after midnight at the airport as my first officer and I closed up the airliner. I could see one of our flight attendants, Angela, standing apart from the others. Earlier that day, she had told me her husband had suffered a heart attack. She feared he would start smoking again in her absence. My suggestion that she just trust him didn’t seem to reassure her.