ChristAlive! Archives: Relationships with Subordinates

Jim had owned a construction company for 38 years when he ran into an employee problem which demanded his attention. For some reasons he couldn’t immediately understand, employee attitudes had become negative to the point of working contrary to Jim’s direction and desires. Something had to be done.
What challenges at work should you be asking God to help you overcome? My cousin, Micki, has been a teacher for about 30 years. She has taught elementary school, middle school, and most recently, high school students. Several years ago Micki was asked to lead a new program focused on helping high school students to graduate. For these students, this was their last chance.
I watched a movie called Pay It Forward. The premise of the movie is the question, “What can you do to change the world?” A 12-year old boy in the movie is given a school assignment to figure out how he can change the world. His solution is to do something significant for three people, then ask them to “pay it forward” to three more people.
My father died when I was 18. In the years that followed, I built a wall around myself to avoid being hurt again. Ten years later, a group of men, much like those in our Challenge Groups, asked me, “Will you let us love you?” I said, “No, but I want to.” My life, my marriage, and my relationships have never been the same since. That “word” started a revolution in my life.