Being Christ By Being Available

By: Jon Cassady

Galatians 2:20

I no longer live, but Christ lives in me.


What a gift and a responsibility it is to be Christ to all those around us.

In the past, while I was seeking new employment, our Father blessed me with a renewed spirit of being present to the people, places and circumstances I encountered. I was very blessed by a deeper intimacy with our Father, which enabled me to spend more time in prayer and reflection.

This enabled me to become more available to individuals and to be of service to them. During this time, I recognized there are many people hurting, lonely, isolated and dealing with major life issues.

Once, while eating a prepared cranberry walnut salad, I bit into a misplaced walnut shell. I thought that I may have cracked one of my teeth. I called the manufacturer to inform them about what happened and had a delightful experience.

The customer service representative was extremely accommodating and concerned for my tooth and my general wellbeing. As we were ready to end the call I said, “Thank you and have a blessed day and weekend.”

Her response was a CIC moment. She stated, “Anything would be better than the way my day started.”

I asked her, “Do you mind if I get personal?” and invited her to explain.

She shared what was going on. I listened and heard a mother carrying burdens and concern for her son. I asked if he was dealing with an addiction.

She began to cry. “How did you know?”

I said, “I was prompted by the Holy Spirit.”

I asked her if we could pray right then. She agreed, and we went ahead and prayed for her son.

I shared with her that I was part of a workplace ministry, Christians in Commerce, and asked if I could ask my CIC brothers to pray for her son and her family. She said, “Sure, we need all the prayers we can get.”

She commented she was the one who was supposed to be helping me, not the other way around!

I responded, “Maybe there was a reason that shell was mistakenly placed in my salad.”

Every morning in my prayer time, when I begin my day, I ask our Father that his will be done, not mine. I ask him to make me available to people in need that day. My prayer is as follows:

“Father, give me the ears to hear, the eyes to see and the heart of Christ so I may be of service. I desire to draw closer in my intimacy with Christ, and to be Christ to all people.”


TAKE THE CHALLENGE: Am I being Christ to all people, today and every day?