The Best Man

By: Jack McCall

John 3:29-30

The bride belongs to the bridegroom. The friend who attends the bridegroom waits and listens for him... He must become greater; I must become less.


The spotlight belongs to the man getting married. The best man steps aside so as not to block any attention that is due his friend. The bridegroom's best man says yes to serving in whatever capacity is needed. It goes way beyond holding the wedding rings or giving a great toast at the reception. It's a position of humility that expresses itself in genuine joy. This is also true of the maid-of-honor for the bride.

John the Baptist humbly describes himself in the above scripture as Jesus’ best man. He not only joyfully announces Jesus’ coming, he also shares a personal testimony about becoming less while Jesus becomes greater. If we preach or serve Jesus in a way that makes us greater and him less, we have taken the bride away from the bridegroom.

Our presentation of Jesus should always be done with a humble heart and place us in a recognizable position of service to the bridegroom, Jesus. I have to be mindful of this all the time; in writing this Challenge each week, in speaking to groups, in my intimate relationships and my one-on-one conversations with others. Folks don't want more of me. I must become less in order for God to become greater. Our witness is not about how great we are; it's about how great God is in and through us.


TAKE THE CHALLENGE: How can I become less so God can become greater? Is there more healing needed in my own life before I start preaching to others about God?