Building Community at Work

Dan Farrar

Romans 12: 9-10

Love must be sincere. Hate what is evil; cling to what is good. Be devoted to one another in love. Honor one another above yourselves.

My company believes in building community and enhancing lifestyles for the homeowner associations we serve. This can be challenging when we get calls from homeowners with problems. At times, it’s difficult for my team members not to take these issues personally. They want to do a good job, but when they feel personally attacked, stress levels rise, resulting in irritability and a lack of cooperation, to the extent that some even call in sick.

During one of our morning meetings, a team member came in angry and frustrated after a particularly troubling call from a homeowner. Sensing an opportunity to be Christ-like, I shared a tip that had worked for me. Instead of getting angry and adversarial with the complaining homeowners, I suggested that we try to love the people we come into contact with each day.

We often don’t listen well enough, are too quick to remind people of the rules and regulations, and not empathetic to their situations. Alternatively, if we try and love these homeowners and understand their concerns, our hearts are changed and we are able to find common ground and solutions that would not otherwise be feasible. I encouraged our team to try this and to let me know how it went.

The following week at our morning meeting, I heard more favorable reports – things were improving. Calls were more helpful, frustration levels reduced, and complaints not as heated. I urged my team to continue to work on this.

Since then, our office team has become more cooperative than ever. Those visiting our office now find it a warm and welcoming atmosphere and people say they have a good feeling when they stop by. We have even started receiving referrals. Leading with love has truly made a difference for us as well as those we serve.

TAKE THE CHALLENGE: What have been the consequences when I have failed to love in the marketplace?